God’s Promises are true

84357705_10156773688986825_1728559229507207168_oGod is good, always. His promises are true and He is so faithful!

Most of you know our infertility story with Arden. And only in that season we were told that I do not ovulate and need to go on medication to conceive. What does that say about Landen? Our miracle boy number 1.

We held onto God’s promise of a second born son and stood in faith and prayer and contended for Arden. I cried many tears, it was tough but we stood on the promise God spoke over our lives. God is ALWAYS good. Before we found out we were pregnant, Landen told me that Jesus spoke to Him and I have a ‘boetie in my magie’.
God always speaks, we just need to listen.
Our miracle number 2.

When Arden turned 1, Landen said that sissie will come when boetie is 2.
In August 2019 we had a miscarriage. We silently mourned but held onto our promise. God’s promise.
Now, I carry our 3rd promise in my tummy ❤️ Our 3rd miracle.

God keeps His promises, but His timing is not ours. I rejoice in His timing, because it is perfect.

He is Waymaker and a Promisekeeper! He is my Light in the darkness! He is Faithful, He is Love, He is Hope! He is always there and therefor there is always hope.

If there are any ladies out there, who are going through something similar and would like prayer, send me a message. I would love to pray with you ♥️

Baby Esterhuizen 3.0 coming August 2020 ♥️

I want to be a burning tree…rooted in Jesus

The holidays have come and gone and here we stand in the beginning of 2020.  Another year filled with excitement, opportunities and adventures.

We had a lovely holiday with friends and family.  We spent Christmas day with dear friends and the boys had a blast over the festive season.

Luwellan worked all the way through, but got to spend a few days working from home with us over Christmas, but by the 2nd of January we all officially started with our year.  Yes, that means even the boys – they started school on the 2nd of January.  I never deviate from our routine much, only on very special occasions, as I know my boys, Lu and I all thrive off a good solid routine and it’s best for our whole family.

The real reason for my post, is I wanted to share a moment I had with the Lord over the holiday – maybe one of you can relate.

It was one Friday afternoon and I asked Lu if he would sort out the boys so that I could spend time with the Lord.  It started with a soaking session which turned into a full blown worship party on my ace in our lounge.   Being overwhelmed by His Presence, I found myself on the floor and Jesus asked me, what I wanted to do this year.  My answer – I want to introduce people to You, Lord!  The Lord then said to me, You can not introduce people to Me, if you don’t know Me.  And that hit my like a brick wall.  Here I have been serving the Lord, praising Him, yet my relationship with the True Living God lacks – when last have I actually sat down and spent time with Him?

The Lord then showed me a picture of a burning tree, a beautiful big, burning tree.  But the fire did not damage the tree.  It was a glorious sight.  Yet, the tree was not rooted.  It had no roots.  Then all of a sudden, the roots grew and wrapped around a Bible.  As this happened, the flames of the tree turned blue.  The hottest fire.

This beautiful big burning tree was me.  The fire was the Holy Spirit.  I carry the excitement of the Lord, I carry part of His heart, I want to see the world changed for Him and I want to see the Kingdom come.

But what is all of that, without a relationship with Jesus?  And what is all of that, if I don’t truly know the Lord?

My goal for this year, is to spend more time with my Father and in His Word.  I want to know Him more.  I want to be a burning tree, rooted in Jesus ❤

Till next time mommies,

Be blessed.

Faith over Fear – A Lifetime of Yes’s

For as long as I can remember, I have been a creature of habit.  Trying not to upset my own apple cart.  I have never been very spontaneous and I never did anything that was not planned.  I am a serious organizer.  I like a lot of detail and I make lists for everything.  I plan ahead and like when things are perfect.  I lived a comfortable organized life…that is, until I got saved…

My story is nothing out of the ordinary.  God saved me, from a mundane life of comfort.  I was prodding around life, trying to please everyone except The One who created me.

A couple of years after I got saved, the Lord prompted me to live a Year-of-Yes.  Saying yes to everything Kingdom related.  To step down, and allow God to step up in my life.

My Year-of-Yes, turned into a lifetime of yes’s for Jesus and I have not looked back.    Some decisions still terrify me, but I now want to and will forever choose God above it all.  My yes’s looked like ministry trips, sharing my testimony when and where ever I could, letting God ‘interrupt’ my day to do His work.  And as easy as it sounds, it came with it’s challenges, but the more I said yes, the easier it became.    My biggest fear, was man.  To be rejected, but God released me from that with every yes I spoke.

5 months ago, we dropped our safety net and said the biggest yes we had ever said.  To a calling on our lives that we never expected, but yearned for so dearly.  We left everything we knew behind and embarked on a Godventure.    Supporting a church plant on the other side of South Africa.  We had no idea what to expect, but chose to remain steadfast in God and His plans for us, although we were fearful of the outcome of this gutsy move.

We chose Faith over Fear.

You see, the world is a scary place, but I am not from this world, therefor I refuse to live in fear of it.  We are called to bring Heaven to earth.  If the King lives in me,  I will bring the Kingdom to earth, and fear has no place.

Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

Until next time,  be blessed mommies!



Liv.Bespoke Kids

Mommies, this post is way overdue.

We received these amazing products from Liv.Bespoke over a month ago (maybe even 2 months) and it has been such lovely products for the boys and their girl cousins to play with.

Liv Bespoke Kids is run by a mommy from my home town,  Port Elizabeth and you can actually feel the love that goes into these products, as you unwrap them.

We received the beautifully hand crafted set of 6 safari animals cut from hard wood.  You get a choice of plain or animal names engraved on which is lovely for when your child is learning how to read and for them to associate the animal with the name.  The wood has been sealed with baby safe wax, so I was excited to share these with my 6 month old niece.

We were also blessed with a set of 10 gem stacking blocks.  4 large and 6 small in beautiful colors.  These blocks are a nice upgrade from the normal square blocks, perfect for developing fine motor skills and great for problem solving.

Each set arrived in a beautiful cotton string bag for easy storage and to make sure you keep all those precious parts together.

Moms, take a look at their website – because they don’t only have these amazing wooden educational wooden toys, but they also have gorgeous decor items as well.

Take a look at their website here:    https://livbespoke.com/

Whether it is for your own nursery or a baby shower gift, get your hands of these amazing products.

Until next time,

Be blessed mommies!

For the sake of others…

Saying Yes to God looks different to people in different seasons.  Our Yes, was a big one, accompanied by a lot of faith.  We took a courageous step into the unknown, leaving our support system behind.  Striding boldly across the country to a new town that I had only visited once before whilst attending a wedding years ago.

And it only hit me a couple of weeks ago, at the launch of Revolution Church, when someone asked both Lu and I:

“Did you move here for this?”

Without hesitation, we both said:  YES, we moved here for THIS!


Lu and I are both in agreement that we are not church planters.  Well, not until God tells us we are anyway.  We are builders, we are supporters.  We love to encourage and we have a heart to serve others.  Being here, right now, is no coincidence.  This was preordained by God.  Being part of this Church plant was part of God’s plan for our lives long before we knew it.

Our hearts are for others.  Revolution Church:  “For the sake of others”.

I pray daily, that God would transforms my heart to be more like His heart.  For my heart to break for what breaks His heart.  For my heart to love people the way that He loves people.  To see people, the way that He sees people.

I read a quote the other day:  “If we make space in our lives for certain kinds of people but not others, we will never know the fullness of God or understand the depths of God’s love for humanity”  – Heather Avis

I had a revelation.  I rarely look street beggars in the eye when they walk past my car or ask for money.  I always feel like because I don’t have money, I have nothing else to give them.  So then I choose not to have common decency?  A hello?  A wave?  A prayer?

Acts 3:6 But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!”

I don’t think Jesus would let any person go by without making them feel like they matter.  Every single person matters to God, so why should they not matter to us.  I’m not saying give money to all the beggars you see at a traffic light – I am not unaware that financial contributions might make matters worse, but being kind does not cost anything.  Smiling, greeting and asking someone how they are, won’t put you out.

My dad lived on the streets, for many years.   I wish I knew then, what I know now.  I would like to think that things would be so different.

Let’s live for the sake of others.  What an amazing world it would be.

Until next time,

Be blessed.



Why I chose to homeschool my boys



It has been 4 months since we started our homeschooling journey.  We have had amazing days, we have had tough days and we have had normal days.

I have always dreamed about homeschooling my boys, but never thought it would be an option, being a working mom and business owner.  But God prepared the way, closed doors and opened others and here we are.

My decision to homeschool was based on a couple of aspects.  Firstly, we have a calling to the Netherlands’s and we felt like this calling was something that will happen soon-ish.  Within a couple of years.  I wanted to be able to prepare my boys for the transition.   We know that homeschooling will just be for a season though.  We will not be able to continue in Europe as they do not allow homeschooling there.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-23 at 09.15.01

At this point,  I am more interested in my children’s character than their academical progress.  I have nothing against schools, but in this season, I choose to pour into my boys and set them up with a strong foundation.

I had a realization a couple of months ago, that my yes to something is a no to something else.  In other words I needed to start prioritizing.  Time is so precious and we need to make conscious decisions to water where we want to see fruit.     I chose in this season, to sow into my children and to not only build into them academically but spiritually and mentally as well.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-23 at 09.15.12

This season is definitely not the easiest, as it comes with many financial constraints.  This is the first time in 11 years that I do not have a steady income and I am fully reliant on my hubby.  It is teaching me to me dependent on him, and even more dependent on our Father in Heaven, as He is ultimately our Provider and Sustainer.

Please, this blog post is not to convert anyone into homeschooling.  It is about our journey and what God wants from us in this season.

I don’t have it all together and don’t know all the homeschooling jargon and lingo yet. I am still learning as we go along.  But it has been so much fun.  And I am so grateful to Luwellan and God for allowing me this amazing privilege.

Until next time mommies,

Be blessed!



That one time I had to write an article for a magazine…

Like it or not, parents are a child’s single biggest influencers in life.  The saying that goes:  Do what I say and not what I do, is completely incorrect.  As adults, we often realize later in life, that we are more like our parents than what we thought.  Well it’s because that behavior or character trait was modeled to us when we were children and it is conditioned into us as humans.

Can we be the generation that stops the cycle of passing on bad habits over to our children, but massage the good character traits into them from a tender age.  Let’s teach our children to let go of the unnecessary and hold on to the gold.


  1. Integrity. It is so important for us as parents to have integrity and to not only have it, but to model it every day and even more so towards our children.  Where will our children learn to express themselves if we do not create a safe environment at home for them to be able to be disappointed, sad or even angry?  How will they know how to deal with anger if they are not allowed to show anger?

When you have made a mistake, own up to it, admit it, apologize and move on.  We all make mistakes, but it is how we deal with it, that deposits into our children.


  1. Quality & Quantity Time. Yes both.  I know kids like stuff, but they would most definitely rather want more of you.  With the times that we live in, time is wasted on so much, yet not given to what is needed.  Your yes to something is a no to something else.  Manage your time wisely and invest time into your children.  Go on adventures together.  Start new family traditions.  Make up funny questions to ask at dinner time.  Go on that hike as a family.  Moms, knit those ugly Christmas sweaters and wear them with pride.  Go fishing with your kids.


  1. Set healthy boundaries and make sure your child always knows they are loved. Children feel safe when they are given boundaries.  They might not always like or appreciate it at the time, but it is needed for them to grow into rule appreciating adults.  If you allow a child to run amuck, you are allowing them to go down a road of destruction.  If we don’t have personal boundaries, we feel responsible for other people’s actions and reactions.  We are responsible to others, not for them.    A Child must also be reminded constantly that no one else can make them happy, sad or angry.  They are fully responsible for their own emotions.  Other people can contribute towards it, but only they can decide to become it.


  1. Technology free day/night. Technology has taken over our lives.  Pixels everywhere.  And don’t even get me started on social media.  I mean, I love a good Instagram scroll, but I am trying to make a point of it, to not be on my phone, scrolling in front of my children.  I don’t want to be a blank face to them when they need me.  I want to be approachable.  How approachable can you be with your face stuck in your phone?  Make a rule, no phones or ipads during supper time.  That is a given for every day.  Then have one night a week, where you don’t put on the tv or your laptop and have a game night with your kids.  Monopoly, Uno, Scrabble or even Pie face.  Laugh together as a family.


  1. A child can learn to accept a punishment as consequence for the actions, but they cannot accept relational consequences like anger, abandonment, guilt or shame.

We as parents need to watch our reactions and facial expressions when our children speak to us in confidence.   The way we react will determine whether they feel safe enough to talk to us about something personal again.  Remember, when they feel vulnerable, you need to show empathy and understanding.  Teenagers need a Coach (parent).  Meaning we need to allow them to make their own decision, while all along guiding them to it.

Living in the fullness

What a joy it is to live in the fullness of what God has called you to.  Quite often we want to hear from God, but when we do, we ignore His directions and instructions.  Choosing to live in the fullness is just that, a choice.  A choice only you can make.  When you truly hand your life over to the Lord,  it is no longer your own and you need to go where He leads.

Two years ago the Lord starting speaking to Luwellan and I about moving and it was in unique ways that only we would understand at the time.  The things around us were changing and we started picking up on it in the spirit.  We started pursuing this ‘move’ not even knowing where too yet.  But the timing was not yet God’s timing.

Last year during an equipping time at our church, God told me He wanted to send us to Netherlands.  It was surreal to me,  because we never even spoke about the Netherlands or thought of ever moving there or even visiting.  But God downloaded a filmstrip to me of how during the year, He was preparing us.  We had a couple from the Netherlands who stayed with us over a couple of days earlier that year and without even knowing it, my heart was stirring for a nation that I had never been to.   Being the thinker that my husband is, he said we should put our feet there first and join on the next ministry trip with our church.  Which to our surprise, but all in God’s planning, was 5 months away.

We did it.  We left our boys with the grannies, Lu took leave and I left my business at the time, for 2 weeks to pursue this what God called us too.

Don’t we all often expect that because God called us to something or somewhere that it should be easy.    Well I can assure you that is not the case, but God does have special grace for us.  I cried just thinking of the fact that I needed to leave my boys behind for 2 weeks and although the grannies are amazing, no one knows my children like I do.  But again, God had grace and the boys hardly even missed us when we were away.

The trip was nothing short of amazing and it left me convinced that this move, was from God.  And it still does.  But the timing is not right yet.

We came back, with the Netherlands still lingering in our thoughts for months and it still is till this day.  Because I know in my heart this is where God wants us for a season.  But when?  Only He can answer that.

Our hearts were not only to move, but to move into what God has called us to.  To move into a place where we can further the Kingdom in the season where we find ourselves.  But mostly to be used for His Kingdom’s sake.

We continued with life as normal and then God stirred in our hearts again earlier this year, but this time to a different location.  A local destination.  Pretoria.

We found out about a church plant.   Luwellan was headhunted and the company was in the same area as the church plant.   I sold my business of 11 years, after trying for 3 years.   We found the perfect townhouse and it was the first place we looked at and both loved.  God promised us new friends and He was so true to His Word.

Living in the fullness does not mean everything is easy all the time, it means that we are in the sweet spot of where God wants us right now.    And right now, I need to learn how to be dependent on my husband and in that fully dependent on God.  For the first time in a long time, I am not financially independent and have to rely fully on my husband for provision.  This might sound foolish to some, but this is a very difficult transition for me.

We are in Pretoria for now, living in the fullness of what God has called us to.  This season will not last forever and again, we will be uprooted to move into a new place and there will be grace for that.

We want to leave a legacy for our boys, that when God speaks you listen, where God sends, you go.

Till next time mommies,

Be blessed!


Raising decent humans

Hi mamas,

I must apologize for my absence – As the year started, we hit the ground running.

A busy holiday season turned into sudden school runs, meal planning, extra murals, teething babies, out of town ministry trips, expired driver’s licences,  exciting dreams and new opportunities.  Of which I will share soonest.

But today, I would like to chat about humans and the parents who raise them.

I like humans – especially those that smile at me for no reason, those that are nice to me in a grocery store, those that help when my baby drops his rattle and I can’t bend down to pick it up – not because they have to, but because they want to.  Those people make my heart happy and I am then reminded, what a world could look like, when parents understand that they are raising children, that should grow up to be decent human beings.

Over the weekend we went to a popular outdoor family restaurant.  As we waited for our food, I glanced over and saw my toddler running around with a group of boys.  Suddenly the one stopped, turned towards Landen, said something and punched him straight in the chest, twice.  My inner mother lioness jumped on all fours and got ready to pounce.

Landen calmly walked away from the boy and the group and started playing on his own.  I made my way to him and asked him what happened.  He mumbled something as if I was bothering him and climbed up a large log.  My heart broke.   I don’t want my son to be bullied.  No parent wants that.

Last night while tucking him in, I told him that I was very angry about what happened.  He said he was angry too.  I then told him that I was proud of him for not hitting the boy back.  He said:  “Dankie mamma, ek is mos lief vir almal”   Come ooooonnn!!!  Have you ever learnt a life lessons from your 4 year old?    I have, tons of times.

Look, I am not saying Landen is perfect and that he didn’t provoke the boy in some way or form – I don’t know what happened.  I wasn’t there in the situation, but if we can teach our children to love in all circumstance, wouldn’t that make life simply beautiful?

We can make a difference in the next generation – because we have the power through the Holy Spirit as parents, to raise decent human beings.

What if we teach mercy and kindness?  What if we teach them to love above all else?  To share instead of being a bully?  To give freely, instead of always wanting?  To forgive and not hold grudges?  To not hit back, but to turn the other cheek…

What if we raise them to be grownups that we would like to hang out with one day?

Don’t be selfish by wanting to be your child’s friend in the younger years – they have enough friends – they need parents.  Parents who will raise them on Godly foundations.

Until next time mommies,

Be blessed


Travelling with two…

Hi all,

So I promised you a post about my recent trip to Johannesburg with the two boys.

The month prior, hubby and I drove to Capetown with them.  This in itself was challenging, and that with two grownups and I could pack as much as we could fit in the car.  But when travelling on an airplane, space is limited and we all know what it is like travelling with a baby.  You can never be too prepared.

It probably took me one whole day to pack and make everything fit.

I am a very blessed mommy, with two very easy boys.  Easy, because the toddler is well-disciplined and the baby, well he isn’t a needy baby – he goes with the flow.  Second child syndrome, I suppose.

Although it was exhausting, it was so rewarding.  The only way we see how our parenting is going, is to let the kids ‘loose’ in public.  To see if all the life lessons that we teach them along the way, actually stick.  They need to live life and we can not always keep them in a glass box protected from the world.  We need to raise them to thrive in a world of self-centered people.

The boys did so well.  On our flight back, they both slept from take off to landing.  On me of course.


As parents, we all are learning as we go.  There is no manual and no right or wrong.  And our children are individuals, not robots.  We are so fortunate to help mold these little humans into being caring, selfless and sincere grownups.  What we teach them in these years, affect them for many years to come.

I sat in the plane, there were tons of toddlers.  As we took off, a little girl started screaming hysterically and her dad got up and ran to their bag in the overhead storage.  He was obviously told to sit down and wait till the seat belt sign was put off.   He seemed flustered.  He needed his daughters blanky and special toy from her bag.    As a mommy, it broke my heart – because the little girl was so upset and there was nothing the dad could do about it at that time or was there?  I am not saying a blanky/doek, special toy or doll is wrong, I am saying sometimes life happens and we need to deal with the situation and the kids right then and there.  We too often try to keep our children happy, by making their lives easy, while we make our own lives difficult.  Is this really how it’s suppose to be?  They were a product of our love, they should not become our only love or the rulers of our world, or my favorite – our reason for living!

What I took away from this experience is to remind our kids that life does not revolve around them.  And while we are there to raise, look after and nurture them, we are not meant to put our lives on hold and live according to their schedule so that everything for them, is easy.  They were born into a family and need to fall in with the family.

Until next time mommies,

Be blessed!