A Woman of Worth

Sonia and I at the Women of Worth graduation

A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend invited me to join her at a cocktail event celebrating the end of her mentorship program to a lovely young student.  The aim was to mingle with and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs and working ladies.  This was all very exciting to me and I immediately said yes.

About two days before the event, I started freaking out a bit.  I had nothing to wear.  What do people wear to cocktail events these days?  I would need to wear heals and a pretty dress – and makeup?!  I raided my cupboards with the hope I could find something, which thankfully I did.  I also found heals which I literally had to dust off.  Being a mom of a 3 month old, dressing up and making myself look/feel pretty is not one of my most important priorities right now.  Surviving is.  So this was quite a daunting experience.  Those who know me, also know that I don’t really wear makeup.  I slap on some eyeliner and mascara and that’s pretty much as good as it gets.

But here I was, getting ready.  I perfectly timed everything (Atype/Control freak), so that I could feed the baby, just before I squeezed myself into my cocktail dress and actually spend more than 5 minutes brushing my hair and putting real makeup on my face.  Even before I left the house, I managed to hook my dress onto a chair.

During the evening, I stared around at all these woman – who are also mothers, sisters, friends, daughters, entrepreneurs, employers, employees – and I somehow doubted they had the same problem as me, as all of them looked so confidant and like they had it all together..  Some wearing high heals, some wearing flats, some wearing cocktail dresses and some pants.  All I could think of was that they obviously didn’t have a 3 month old at home.

But that was not the point. I didn’t need to wear a cocktail dress or heals – I don’t need to impress anyone with what I look like.  It is what is on the inside that starts friendships and helps mold young lives.  Not the clothes or makeup.  Confidence comes from within.

The mentorship program is called Women of Worth and there was the most beautiful poem read, that one of the mentees herself, wrote…wish I could get my hands on it to share that with you all.

Women of Worth…

How do you define your worth?  By what you wear? Or how beautiful your hair is?   Or how perfectly contoured your makeup is?  Do you measure your worth on how much you do for others or how perfectly your children behave?

We as women, have such a divine calling.   Our worth should be defined by what our Creator thinks of us, not others.

We are made in His imagine and what we see in the mirror, reflects on what we see in Him?  Dare I even say that?

So what does God think of you?

You are God’s masterpiece  Eph 2:10

You are so loved John 3:16

You radiate  Matthew 5:14

You are a shining light  Phil 2:15

You are a victor  Romans 8:37

You are valued  Isaiah 49:16

You are strong  Psalm 46:5


Have you seen a sunrise or sunset?  Is it not the most amazing feeling to know, that the same God who made that, fearfully and wonderfully made you?

I wish women, myself included, would stop comparing.

“By the grace of God, I am what I am.”  1 Cor 15:10

Be who God made you to be.  Live how He has already planned for you to live.

You are far more precious than diamonds and rubies.  Proverbs 31:10

Until next time mommies, be blessed!

One thought on “A Woman of Worth

  1. Ek is nie ‘n vrou met kinders, man of breastfeeding issues nie. Dis net ek, maar dis moeilik om nie ons worth aan uiterlike te value nie. People judge ons dadelik aan ons uiterlike, en vir iemand soos ek wat net nie eintlik worry om tyd te mors op sulke dinge nie. Maak dit dinge moeilik, maar dan onthou ek ek is God se prinses en ek onthou hoe Hy na my kyk. God is good….all the time!


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