Power & Love in action…

At the beginning of November, my hubby, our sons and I had the privilege to attend The Power & Love School in Cape Town and jeewiz, what an eye opener.

Now all of us know, travelling with a baby and a toddler is difficult, so why not throw in a 4 day conference from 9am till 11pm.   It was taxing, but the Lord was so gracious.  Though there were 3 sessions of speakers/teachings during the day, there was also 2 outreaches.  They called it Love in action sessions…

Let me give a quick recap on what the school was about.  Basically its living out the love of Jesus in every day life.  And from a place of Godfidence, miracles will flow.  Pretty simple.  It’s basically how a Christian’s life should look like everyday.

Before the first Love in Action ‘outreach’ they called the confidant ones to the front.  I actually thought I was a confidant one, until we had to live it out…I found the praying and speaking about God easy, it was the actually approaching people that terrified me.

So hubby and I went to the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, and I don’t know if it was because we were on a mission, but the place was filled with people in wheelchairs and with walking rings.  God has a lovely sense of humor.  After a couple of awkward attempts, my hubby decided he wanted a smoothie.  So we stood waiting, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the lady next to me.  Something quite simple.  So it turns out they were at the shopping mall awaiting a doctors appointment for her husband at the hospital right next to the mall.  And there you go…God opened a door for us, just like that.  We got to pray for Oom Kobus and his neck.  I didn’t get all the details as I was so psyched that the Lord lined up people for us to pray with.  I knew he had to go for an operation and that they would discuss that at his appointment that afternoon.  He has had reoccurring headaches for 3 years.   He was drinking 10 headache pills a day!  We prayed, we trusted and we parted ways.

The next morning on our way to the mall again, we had a quick recap on our previous day and everyone we prayed for wondering if there was any change.

So guess who we bumped into at the mall.  Oom Kobus and Tannie Hettie!  His neck pain and headaches were gone!  Weg!  Sihambile!  Come oooonnn!!!  Thank you Lord Jesus!!!  He will never let you down!  By stepping out and being uncomfortable, we rely on HIM to be our comfort!

Turns out the specialist did tests on Oom Kobus for 3 hours the following day and couldn’t find anything wrong.  No operation needed!  And no more headache tablets!

We serve an amazing Father, who does not want to see His children live in bondage!

(sorry for all the exclamations – I am just so excited)

Luwellan, Oom Kobus, Tannie Hettie, Landen and I  (Arden was there, but sleeping in his pram)

We were part of a miracle!!!  God performed a miracle through us!  If we were pumped before, this just made us even more keen to spread God’s love all over the show.

God is good, all the time!  And all the time, God is good!

And all it was, was living life, buying a smoothie, and we got to pray for someone and they were healed through Jesus Christ.

Jesus did not die so that we may live with ailments in our body.  Jesus died for our wholeness.  He died so that we may live.  Not for us to just be, but for us to speak His word, declare His goodness and work His miracles.

I want to live in God’s fullness, I want to see people touched by God’s love on a daily basis!  And if I am not living that way,  then what is the point of life.

Till next time mommies,  be blessed!

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