Travelling with two…

Hi all,

So I promised you a post about my recent trip to Johannesburg with the two boys.

The month prior, hubby and I drove to Capetown with them.  This in itself was challenging, and that with two grownups and I could pack as much as we could fit in the car.  But when travelling on an airplane, space is limited and we all know what it is like travelling with a baby.  You can never be too prepared.

It probably took me one whole day to pack and make everything fit.

I am a very blessed mommy, with two very easy boys.  Easy, because the toddler is well-disciplined and the baby, well he isn’t a needy baby – he goes with the flow.  Second child syndrome, I suppose.

Although it was exhausting, it was so rewarding.  The only way we see how our parenting is going, is to let the kids ‘loose’ in public.  To see if all the life lessons that we teach them along the way, actually stick.  They need to live life and we can not always keep them in a glass box protected from the world.  We need to raise them to thrive in a world of self-centered people.

The boys did so well.  On our flight back, they both slept from take off to landing.  On me of course.


As parents, we all are learning as we go.  There is no manual and no right or wrong.  And our children are individuals, not robots.  We are so fortunate to help mold these little humans into being caring, selfless and sincere grownups.  What we teach them in these years, affect them for many years to come.

I sat in the plane, there were tons of toddlers.  As we took off, a little girl started screaming hysterically and her dad got up and ran to their bag in the overhead storage.  He was obviously told to sit down and wait till the seat belt sign was put off.   He seemed flustered.  He needed his daughters blanky and special toy from her bag.    As a mommy, it broke my heart – because the little girl was so upset and there was nothing the dad could do about it at that time or was there?  I am not saying a blanky/doek, special toy or doll is wrong, I am saying sometimes life happens and we need to deal with the situation and the kids right then and there.  We too often try to keep our children happy, by making their lives easy, while we make our own lives difficult.  Is this really how it’s suppose to be?  They were a product of our love, they should not become our only love or the rulers of our world, or my favorite – our reason for living!

What I took away from this experience is to remind our kids that life does not revolve around them.  And while we are there to raise, look after and nurture them, we are not meant to put our lives on hold and live according to their schedule so that everything for them, is easy.  They were born into a family and need to fall in with the family.

Until next time mommies,

Be blessed!

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