Living in the fullness

What a joy it is to live in the fullness of what God has called you to.  Quite often we want to hear from God, but when we do, we ignore His directions and instructions.  Choosing to live in the fullness is just that, a choice.  A choice only you can make.  When you truly hand your life over to the Lord,  it is no longer your own and you need to go where He leads.

Two years ago the Lord starting speaking to Luwellan and I about moving and it was in unique ways that only we would understand at the time.  The things around us were changing and we started picking up on it in the spirit.  We started pursuing this ‘move’ not even knowing where too yet.  But the timing was not yet God’s timing.

Last year during an equipping time at our church, God told me He wanted to send us to Netherlands.  It was surreal to me,  because we never even spoke about the Netherlands or thought of ever moving there or even visiting.  But God downloaded a filmstrip to me of how during the year, He was preparing us.  We had a couple from the Netherlands who stayed with us over a couple of days earlier that year and without even knowing it, my heart was stirring for a nation that I had never been to.   Being the thinker that my husband is, he said we should put our feet there first and join on the next ministry trip with our church.  Which to our surprise, but all in God’s planning, was 5 months away.

We did it.  We left our boys with the grannies, Lu took leave and I left my business at the time, for 2 weeks to pursue this what God called us too.

Don’t we all often expect that because God called us to something or somewhere that it should be easy.    Well I can assure you that is not the case, but God does have special grace for us.  I cried just thinking of the fact that I needed to leave my boys behind for 2 weeks and although the grannies are amazing, no one knows my children like I do.  But again, God had grace and the boys hardly even missed us when we were away.

The trip was nothing short of amazing and it left me convinced that this move, was from God.  And it still does.  But the timing is not right yet.

We came back, with the Netherlands still lingering in our thoughts for months and it still is till this day.  Because I know in my heart this is where God wants us for a season.  But when?  Only He can answer that.

Our hearts were not only to move, but to move into what God has called us to.  To move into a place where we can further the Kingdom in the season where we find ourselves.  But mostly to be used for His Kingdom’s sake.

We continued with life as normal and then God stirred in our hearts again earlier this year, but this time to a different location.  A local destination.  Pretoria.

We found out about a church plant.   Luwellan was headhunted and the company was in the same area as the church plant.   I sold my business of 11 years, after trying for 3 years.   We found the perfect townhouse and it was the first place we looked at and both loved.  God promised us new friends and He was so true to His Word.

Living in the fullness does not mean everything is easy all the time, it means that we are in the sweet spot of where God wants us right now.    And right now, I need to learn how to be dependent on my husband and in that fully dependent on God.  For the first time in a long time, I am not financially independent and have to rely fully on my husband for provision.  This might sound foolish to some, but this is a very difficult transition for me.

We are in Pretoria for now, living in the fullness of what God has called us to.  This season will not last forever and again, we will be uprooted to move into a new place and there will be grace for that.

We want to leave a legacy for our boys, that when God speaks you listen, where God sends, you go.

Till next time mommies,

Be blessed!


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