For the sake of others…

Saying Yes to God looks different to people in different seasons.  Our Yes, was a big one, accompanied by a lot of faith.  We took a courageous step into the unknown, leaving our support system behind.  Striding boldly across the country to a new town that I had only visited once before whilst attending a wedding years ago.

And it only hit me a couple of weeks ago, at the launch of Revolution Church, when someone asked both Lu and I:

“Did you move here for this?”

Without hesitation, we both said:  YES, we moved here for THIS!


Lu and I are both in agreement that we are not church planters.  Well, not until God tells us we are anyway.  We are builders, we are supporters.  We love to encourage and we have a heart to serve others.  Being here, right now, is no coincidence.  This was preordained by God.  Being part of this Church plant was part of God’s plan for our lives long before we knew it.

Our hearts are for others.  Revolution Church:  “For the sake of others”.

I pray daily, that God would transforms my heart to be more like His heart.  For my heart to break for what breaks His heart.  For my heart to love people the way that He loves people.  To see people, the way that He sees people.

I read a quote the other day:  “If we make space in our lives for certain kinds of people but not others, we will never know the fullness of God or understand the depths of God’s love for humanity”  – Heather Avis

I had a revelation.  I rarely look street beggars in the eye when they walk past my car or ask for money.  I always feel like because I don’t have money, I have nothing else to give them.  So then I choose not to have common decency?  A hello?  A wave?  A prayer?

Acts 3:6 But Peter said, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!”

I don’t think Jesus would let any person go by without making them feel like they matter.  Every single person matters to God, so why should they not matter to us.  I’m not saying give money to all the beggars you see at a traffic light – I am not unaware that financial contributions might make matters worse, but being kind does not cost anything.  Smiling, greeting and asking someone how they are, won’t put you out.

My dad lived on the streets, for many years.   I wish I knew then, what I know now.  I would like to think that things would be so different.

Let’s live for the sake of others.  What an amazing world it would be.

Until next time,

Be blessed.



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