I want to be a burning tree…rooted in Jesus

The holidays have come and gone and here we stand in the beginning of 2020.  Another year filled with excitement, opportunities and adventures.

We had a lovely holiday with friends and family.  We spent Christmas day with dear friends and the boys had a blast over the festive season.

Luwellan worked all the way through, but got to spend a few days working from home with us over Christmas, but by the 2nd of January we all officially started with our year.  Yes, that means even the boys – they started school on the 2nd of January.  I never deviate from our routine much, only on very special occasions, as I know my boys, Lu and I all thrive off a good solid routine and it’s best for our whole family.

The real reason for my post, is I wanted to share a moment I had with the Lord over the holiday – maybe one of you can relate.

It was one Friday afternoon and I asked Lu if he would sort out the boys so that I could spend time with the Lord.  It started with a soaking session which turned into a full blown worship party on my ace in our lounge.   Being overwhelmed by His Presence, I found myself on the floor and Jesus asked me, what I wanted to do this year.  My answer – I want to introduce people to You, Lord!  The Lord then said to me, You can not introduce people to Me, if you don’t know Me.  And that hit my like a brick wall.  Here I have been serving the Lord, praising Him, yet my relationship with the True Living God lacks – when last have I actually sat down and spent time with Him?

The Lord then showed me a picture of a burning tree, a beautiful big, burning tree.  But the fire did not damage the tree.  It was a glorious sight.  Yet, the tree was not rooted.  It had no roots.  Then all of a sudden, the roots grew and wrapped around a Bible.  As this happened, the flames of the tree turned blue.  The hottest fire.

This beautiful big burning tree was me.  The fire was the Holy Spirit.  I carry the excitement of the Lord, I carry part of His heart, I want to see the world changed for Him and I want to see the Kingdom come.

But what is all of that, without a relationship with Jesus?  And what is all of that, if I don’t truly know the Lord?

My goal for this year, is to spend more time with my Father and in His Word.  I want to know Him more.  I want to be a burning tree, rooted in Jesus ❤

Till next time mommies,

Be blessed.

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