God’s Promises are true

84357705_10156773688986825_1728559229507207168_oGod is good, always. His promises are true and He is so faithful!

Most of you know our infertility story with Arden. And only in that season we were told that I do not ovulate and need to go on medication to conceive. What does that say about Landen? Our miracle boy number 1.

We held onto God’s promise of a second born son and stood in faith and prayer and contended for Arden. I cried many tears, it was tough but we stood on the promise God spoke over our lives. God is ALWAYS good. Before we found out we were pregnant, Landen told me that Jesus spoke to Him and I have a ‘boetie in my magie’.
God always speaks, we just need to listen.
Our miracle number 2.

When Arden turned 1, Landen said that sissie will come when boetie is 2.
In August 2019 we had a miscarriage. We silently mourned but held onto our promise. God’s promise.
Now, I carry our 3rd promise in my tummy ❤️ Our 3rd miracle.

God keeps His promises, but His timing is not ours. I rejoice in His timing, because it is perfect.

He is Waymaker and a Promisekeeper! He is my Light in the darkness! He is Faithful, He is Love, He is Hope! He is always there and therefor there is always hope.

If there are any ladies out there, who are going through something similar and would like prayer, send me a message. I would love to pray with you ♥️

Baby Esterhuizen 3.0 coming August 2020 ♥️

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